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I believe all humans

are athletes.


My passion for helping people truly enjoy their lives started when, straight out of high school, my parents sent me to a Swiss Hotel School where I ventured into the world of high-end hospitality.


When I came back to work in Australia I found myself in constant conflict with management who were making $8,000 a day mistakes.

 They were refusing to listen when I explained the (quite simple) root of the problem.

I carried my attention to detail, deep curiosity about finding the ‘root cause’ of everyday problems, genuine care, and ability to help others craft a powerful experience to elevate their lives into every iteration of my career thereafter.

I went on to work in the Special Forces—or as I like to say, I went from hospitality to hostility.

I worked with world-class athletes who endured incredibly rigid training programs to arrive at peak performance. Since then, I’ve worked with 60-70 year olds winning world championships and ultra marathons and tried and tested just about every method out there. I have honed my skills down to what is essential and proven to work.

Today, I’ve outlasted 99% of trainers after 30 years of working in the industry.

While 70% quit within five years of beginning their career and by 15 years only 1% are still around. Very few of those 1% have the depth of experience with elite athletes I’ve been honored to have. Even fewer have put in the work to deeply understand how to take elite fitness principles and practices and adapt them so that 40+ year olds not only apply them, but reap incredible results doing it. I take pride in my dedication to offering unparalleled support to my clients that fuels their strength, confidence, success, and satisfaction in life.  

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In 2023 I climbed the in preparation for my next climbing feat — Mt. Everest.

And while many of my clients love accomplishing impressive athletic feats, too, I love to work with those who don’t have an Ironman on their bucket list or who prefer the quiet and committed progress of a Misogi challenge—something I believe can change anyone’s life regardless of age or fitness level.

While I love pushing the boundaries of what we believe is possible...

I’ve grown a deep appreciation for the impact of whole-life health, wellbeing, and functional fitness for everyone. Regardless of the goals we have, this is what builds a foundation of true success, longevity, and a life that is worth living.

- Andrew Read

Master RKC (Russian Kettlebell Certified instructor 
Lecturer for Functional Movement Systems
Qualified Olympic and Power Coach through the Australian Weightlifting Federation
Ironman Triathlete
Author for – Blitz, Ultrafit, Inside MMA, International Kickboxer, UFC magazine, Oxygen, Complete Human Performance, Ben Greenfield Fitness, Dr. John Rusin, and Breaking Muscle.
Lectured in Australia, USA, China. Korea.